Jains Got Talent Video/Audio Recording Guidelines


The purpose of this document is to define Video / Audio Recording Guidelines for the Jains Got Talent video/Audio recordings. The document shall provide useful directions to prepare optimum video recording. A Reference section in this document shall provide an access to a sample video file to compare against your recording.

Recording Location Setup

  1. Background Setup
    • Use a “Green Screen” if available
    • Use a simple, solid color background that contrast with your clothes
    • Avoid any moving object like a ceiling fan or TV in the background, so that it doesn’t add surrounding noise.
    • Avoid using any “Virtual Background”.
    • Avoid using wired or wireless Headphones or Headsets.
  2. Lighting Setup
    • Use Natural Light, open windows, sit near window where light can be on your face.
    • For the best lighting condition, please record an hour before sunset or an hour after sunrise or went outdoor condition is cloudy.
    • Use additional light, if needed
    • Avoid light reflection on eyeglasses (if wearing).
    • Avoid Yellow or other color lights.
  3. Audio Setup
    • Use high audio quality microphone that can capture voice without echo
    • Talk slowly, clearly, adhering to your script
    • Avoid covering microphone with hand or cloth.
    • Avoid all ambient noise if recording outdoor.

Recording Device Setup

  1. Device Setup
    • Place recording device – High-resolution camcorder or high-resolution cell phone camera on a steady stand.
    • To record in a “Landscape Mode”, keep device horizonal.
    • Point camera capturing speaker’s face and shoulder.
    • Always look at the camera while talking and eyes are engaged to the audience.
    • Ensure device has enough storage to record.
    • Start with a sample recording to validate that recording is clear, precise and lighting is perfect.
    • All background must be free of any pictures, steady or moving screens
      Note: JAINA Multimedia Team will add a JAINA Convention logo on the upper right corner of the screen and may add background, if needed.
    • Avoid using phone, tablet or laptop for the recording.
  2. Recording Mode & Resolution Setup
    • Setup device to record at a minimum of 1080P or higher resolution.
      Note: It takes additional storage and file size will be large.
    • Avoid using portrait mode and lower than1080P resolution.
  3. External Microphone Setup (Optional)
  4. No Supporting Material
    • Avoid paper or book or any other personal devices in the hand.
    • Avoid logos, running script, slides etc.
  5. Recording Duration
    • Entries should be no longer than 5 minutes in length.

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