Please note that the start and end times are shown in Eastern Pacific Time (Florida Time).

JAINA Convention 2023 is a 72-hour extravaganza packed with learning, inspiration, and fun starting at noon on Friday. June 30th and concluding at noon on Monday, July 3rd. Here’s a quick chart for you to review followed by a few additional details to help with your travel plans.

Day 1: The registration will begin on June 30th at noon. Lunch will be available for an extended period since you may arrive at various times from close and far distances. Daytime programming will begin post-lunch, followed by dinner and a Convention opening ceremony with entertainment and garba-raas.

Day 2 and Day 3: Both of these days will begin with yoga and breakfast, followed by inspirational keynote speeches. After lunch, attend the breakout sessions, reunite with family and friends, and meet some new people. The evenings, post-dinner, will be filled with entertainment.

Day 4: The day will again begin with yoga and breakfast. The Convention will conclude at noon with a closing ceremony followed by lunch.

Airport Transfers (available at a nominal cost from TPA and MCO airports)

Airport transfer will be available only from TPA and MCO airports at a nominal cost. Please make arrangements if you arrive at or depart from any other airport.

Day 1: Airport transfer will be available from TPA and MCO airports on June 30th from 9 am – 7 pm.

Day 2 and Day 3: No transfer will be available. If you are arriving on either of these days, please make arrangements.

Day 4: For return, airport transfer will be available from morning to afternoon. We will send specific timing as we get closer, but adequate coverage will be provided.