About Convention

Every two years, JAINA, in partnership with a group of local Sanghs, hosts a convention that brings together over 4000 guests worldwide. The next JAINA convention will be hosted in Lakeland, Florida, between Orlando & Tampa on the main Highway.

Spiritual dignitaries and scholars at the convention will elaborate upon how Jainism can help humanity progress to our highest potential by conditioning one’s body, mind, and spirit to perpetually strive to achieve lasting inner peace and to impact our world in positive ways.

JAINA Convention 2023 Theme

“Maximize Human Potential – The Jain Way”


According to Jainism, human life is the only form of jiva to obtain liberation directly. As human beings, we are endowed with the ability to think; we can differentiate right from wrong. We can decide what is good for us and what is not. We also can control our minds and activities.

As humans, we are capable of helping ourselves and those around us. We are also capable of assisting the lower life forms. How then can we maximize our potential to improve, influence, and inspire others, to address the problem of modern times using the modern-day tools available to us?

At JAINA Convention 2023, the learned speakers will attempt to help us answer these questions. We will learn to use Jain principles and practices to maximize their potential, enhance their lives, and create a broader positive impact.

“I have traversed decades of active life and have had a variety of interactions with people from different ethnic, educational, and financial backgrounds. Based on my study, personal experience, and observation, I have concluded that Jainism has the most to offer to resolve the problems of all humans. This religion has the treasure of knowledge and wisdom that has the power to awaken, make us happy, serene, and peaceful, and unlock our potential to lift us much higher.
Unfortunately, most of us have either have not recognized this power; nor do we make the efforts in a correct way. I felt that perhaps by steering the dignitaries and speakers towards the above theme, the convention attendees would alter their perspective, recognize their vast potential, and mold their lives in a better way, going forward. I am very grateful to the Convention Board for accepting this theme.” – Anop Vora, Florham Park, NJ