Atul Shah


C: 630-501-4373


  • Lead 2025 JAINA Convention in Chicago focusing on teamwork, unity, and
    the promotion of Jain Values through education seminars.
    Active oversight as First VP.
  • Youth Engagement – Provide opportunities for young Jains.
  • Spiritual Enrichment – Support retreats, seminars, and workshops led by experienced scholars and
  • Interfaith and Social Outreach – Support interfaith dialogues, humanitarian initiatives,
    environmental sustainability, and compassionate living.
  • Technological Advancement and integration – Leverage technology for the betterment of the
  • Cultural Preservation and showcase – Support to preserve our cultural practices, literature, music,
    offer vibrant cultural programs, and heritage.
  • Global Collaboration – Bridge between the Jain Community in NA and the global Jain diaspora.
  • Transparency – Keep the community informed about JAINA’s initiative, progress, and challenges.
  • Sustainability – Supporting current in and out of USA activities and all existing active JAINA
  • Establish a Finance Governance Model that will create consistency and bring transparency for
    JAINA Finance for smoother transitions of treasury department.
  • Make JAINA financial applications online thus bringing accounting transparency and automatic
    adherence to JAINA governance model and Audit requirements.

JAINA Accomplishments

  • JAINA Secretary(2022-23): actively facilitating EC-BOT meetings, agendas, and decision-making.
    Actively involved in guiding Financial-Audit-Tax and Establish stable finance model, Serving member
    of the Committees (Jain Center Liaison, JAINA Senior Housing).
  • JAINA Treasurer (July 2017-June 2019 : governed smooth operation of finance and successfully completed
    the FOUR YEARS pending External Audits from 2014 of JAINA Finance.
  • Member of JAINA Conventions board under following capacity :
    • 2023-FL: Active Board Member and helped raising fund.
    • 2021 Virtual Convention – Served as Sponsorship Benefits Chair to make sure the donors are
      getting their benefits as define.
    • 2019 LA – Finance Chair and showcase in financial management and meticulous event
      coordination and ensuring smooth operation through prudent finance planning and
    • 2019 LA – Esteemed capacity of a Steering Committee member, contributed strategic
      insights and dynamic leadership for the convention.
    • 2017 NJ – Stepping in at the last minute as Food Chair and reasonably managed and
      averted crisis in food area. Even though it was last minute, I was able to put together a smooth
      operation by inspiring 50 volunteers on the floor.
    • 2017 NJ – Youth Chair – Planned and delegated all the youth activities for Kids Club, YJA, YJP, and
      Jain Connect. Planning was done way before so I was able to manage Food area which was given at
      the last minute.
    • 2015 Atlanta – Assumed pivotal role of Food Chair. Led and executed complex task despite
      challenges and orchestrated a seamless and memorable dining experience.
  • Served as the Chairperson of the JAINA Scholarship Committee from July 2019 to June 2021.
  • Promoted YJA Convention in Chicago 2018 during Chairmanship (2018-2019) at Jain Society of Chicago.


  • As President from 2008-2011, successfully orchestrated the 11-day JSMC Pratishtha event in 2009
    along with other committee members and raised fund of 5M.
  • Led the multifaceted mega planning and execution of JSMC’s 25th Anniversary celebrations as
    Chairman. This celebration spanned Ten consecutive days, involving over 350 volunteers across 30
    sub-committees, marking the first instance of such a convention-style event within a North
    American Jain Sangh.
  • Fostered unity among diverse sects at JSMC by forming cross-functional teams and nurturing
    positive relationships.
  • Devised and led innovative fundraising initiatives resulting in substantial donations, enabling JSMC
    to become debt-free.
  • Played a pivotal role in establishing financial and other policies and a governance model
    (Religious, Technology, Facility Maintenance, and introducing teams in different area) at JSMC,
    enhancing transparency, and transitioning all financial operations online, eliminating paper
  • Championed the involvement of young adults in JSMC committees and volunteering, harnessing
    their technological expertise and innovative ideas.
  • Providing valuable insights as an engaged member to JSMC Constitution Amendment Committee,
    Construction Committee, and Pooja/Poojan Committee
  • Contributed in various capacities at JSMC since 2002, including Vice Chairman(2017), Board of
    Trustees(2012-16), President(2008-11) General Secretary(2004-07), and Membership


  • M.S in Computer Science from IIT, Illinois.
  • B.S in Electronics Engineering from Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat


  • Retired from ATT after 34 Years of Service as a Senior Advanced Technical Support
  • Managing real estate and financial portfolios
  • Performing Pujan to Jain Centers (Sidhdhachakra, Parshva-Padmavati, Uvasaggharam,
    Santikaram, and Bhaktamar) for the Chicago Sangh, Indiana Merrillville Sangh, Milwaukee Sangh,
    and individual members.