JGT 2023

Jains Got Talent is one of the Flagship Crown Jewel Program at the JAINA Convention. It offers you a wonderful opportunity to showcase your talent in front of the entire Jain Community on the world stage during this year’s JAINA Convention!

Singers, Magicians, Dancers, Comedians, Jugglers…anyone with talent they want to share can participate. Remember everyone’s a winner in Jains Got Talent by sharing their Talent!

Key steps to follow to enter JGT for our JAINA Convention:

Step 1 :-
You must be registered for JAINA Convention (The Link to register for convention if not registered yet)

Once you are registered for the conference, register for Jains Got Talent as a solo performer or as a group (of 2 to 5 Participants). Only the participants who provide the complete information and a copy of their entry virtually by the deadline will go through the selection process. Three top performers in each category (solo, and group; by the age groups below) will be showcased at the JAINA Convention in July 2021!

JAINA Convention and JGT follows certain guidelines for entry to be considered in JGT so please make sure you provide the best of the performance that meets the guidelines:

Step 2 :-
Link to review JGT guidelines & register for the JGT talent show!
Guidelines for JGT
Registration form for JGT

There are three categories, in solo and group performance based on the age:

  • Category 1: 17 years and under.
  • Category 2: 18-34 years.
  • Category 3: 35 years and above.

You can only sign up for 1 performance in age category (Solo and or Group performance)

Group performances in JGT cannot exceed more than 5 participants.

Time Limit for a performance is maximum 5 minutes.

Any participant incorporating the theme of 2021 JAINA Convention-” Jainism-A Resilient Path to Peace” in their act, would qualify for bonus points towards creativity.

Once we receive your registration for JGT with JAINA Registration Number, we will send you the Audio/Video uploading instructions in the format we need and the Audio/Video Consent form.

Step 3 :-
Practice your performance and bring the best of it to us by creating audio/video files per our instructions on or before the deadline April 27, 2021 and we will review them and notify you with confirmation about the entry in JGT by email. If you are ready to submit audio/video file of your performance quickly, after registering for JGT per link in step 2, please contact us atJGT@Jaina.org

For any questions please contact:
JGT Chair: Jayesh Sanghvi JGT@Jaina.Org

Audio / Video Guideline : –


The purpose of this document is to define Video / Audio Recording Guidelines for the Jains Got Talent video/Audio recordings. The document shall provide useful directions to prepare optimum video recording. A Reference section in this document shall provide an access to a sample video file to compare against your recording.

Recording Location Setup

  1. Background Setup
    • Use a “Green Screen” if available
    • Use a simple, solid color background that contrast with your clothes
    • Avoid any moving object like a ceiling fan or TV in the background, so that it doesn’t add surrounding noise.
    • Avoid using any “Virtual Background”.
    • Avoid using wired or wireless Headphones or Headsets.
  2. Lighting Setup
    • Use Natural Light, open windows, sit near window where light can be on your face.
    • For the best lighting condition, please record an hour before sunset or an hour after sunrise or went outdoor condition is cloudy.
    • Use additional light, if needed
    • Avoid light reflection on eyeglasses (if wearing).
    • Avoid Yellow or other color lights.
  3. Audio Setup
    • Use high audio quality microphone that can capture voice without echo
    • Talk slowly, clearly, adhering to your script
    • Avoid covering microphone with hand or cloth.
    • Avoid all ambient noise if recording outdoor.

Recording Device Setup

  1. Device Setup
    • Place recording device – High-resolution camcorder or high-resolution cell phone camera on a steady stand.
    • To record in a “Landscape Mode”, keep device horizonal.
    • Point camera capturing speaker’s face and shoulder.
    • Always look at the camera while talking and eyes are engaged to the audience.
    • Ensure device has enough storage to record.
    • Start with a sample recording to validate that recording is clear, precise and lighting is perfect.
    • All background must be free of any pictures, steady or moving screens
      Note: JAINA Multimedia Team will add a JAINA Convention logo on the upper right corner of the screen and may add background, if needed.
    • Avoid using phone, tablet or laptop for the recording.
  2. Recording Mode & Resolution Setup
    • Setup device to record at a minimum of 1080P or higher resolution.
      Note: It takes additional storage and file size will be large.
    • Avoid using portrait mode and lower than1080P resolution.
  3. External Microphone Setup (Optional)
  4. No Supporting Material
    • Avoid paper or book or any other personal devices in the hand.
    • Avoid logos, running script, slides etc.
  5. Recording Duration
    • Entries should be no longer than 5 minutes in length.

JGT Guidelines