Kids Club

We highly encourage you to register and take part in Kids Club.

A special wristband and a special ID will be issued ONLY to those who register for it.

Entrance to these programs are limited to those who have registered and are wearing these wrist bands and ID.

The primary goal of Kids Club is to provide a safe, healthy, well-supervised, and fun environment for all children ages 6-13. The Kids Club program provides opportunities for each child to be involved in self-directed and group activities. Past activities have included arts and crafts and programs led by professionals. Kids Club runs alongside adult sessions, with the option for parents to pick up their child as they need. It will end in time for dinner and evening programs, and break at lunch time.

FYI: Past 2017 Kids Club activities have included:

  • Magic shows
  • Science shows
  • Sessions with Masterminds International
  • Shake and make vegan ice cream
  • Face painting

Cost: Included in the registration. Please see the Registration Information page for more details.


Restaurant Reservations plugin required.