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3 Mulnayak Idols

  • The height of these 3 Mulnayak Idols are 21 inch and weighs 90 Lbs each.
  • These are hand carved by highly experienced artisans from 1st quality Makrana Marble.
* Benefits include Bhagwan Bharavanu, do 18 Abhishek, move with Bhagwan in a procession, Pratishtha, Pujan and finally take Bhagwan with you!

Shrimad Rajchandraji’s Murti:

  • Shrimad Rajchandraji’s Murti is of 20 inch height, weighing approximately 45 Lbs. and is made of high-quality fiberglass.
* Benefits include to carry the Pratima in the procession, sthapna in the Temple and take the Pratima home.

For the first time in the Convention and perhaps in North America we are bringing a 3D depiction of few epic stories from Jain Religion for display at 20th Biennial JAINA Convention at Ontario, CA. They are unique, represent Jain Principles as practiced by Tirthankars in their Human lives and prepared just for the Convention by well known Artists in India. 
Four of them are 8′ X 4′ while one is 16′ X 8′. Walls are made of Flex – sunboard material and Pratimas and Chariot are made of fiber. It is difficult to give weight at this time.  

We seek bidding from Family/Jain Organizations to take them to their home/Organizations for future display after the Convention. Pictures and description are attached. Please note that the pictures are artistic interpretation, images are not of actual product, these are conceptual ones. We believe that the real illustrations in 3D will be magnificent

You will be able to take 3D depictions of Jain Stories Home/Jain Organization.

“Adesh for four Murtis is extended only up to May 15”.
“Deadline for Jain Stories is June 15th.”

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For Any Query related to Boli on Pratimaji Please reach out to Mr. Ashok Savla (626)-372-4246

For questions related to Jain Stories please contact Dr. Mahendrabhai Shah at 714-757-9490, email &/or Dr. Nitin Shah at 562-244-9035, email &/or Kishor Sanghvi at 951-454-9925, email