Youth Activites

Welcome to Youth Activities!

The Youth Activities program is designed youth between the ages of 13-20. Our mission is to engage and develop young Jains through lessons on Dharma, leadership and professionalism, and connecting the youth across the globe to create and implement a strong young Jains network. We hope to achieve this mission through our experiential daytime sessions and unforgettable nighttime events! Please note: In order to attend Youth Activities Session you must register for JAINA and add the Youth Activities Add-on.


Youth Activity Programing*

Daytime Sessions

Daytime sessions will feature engaging and inspirational speakers about Jainism and the importance of its values to youth. Inline with the JAINA conventions theme we will take a look at Jainism in the 21st century: Seva, Satsang, Samarpan, Sadhana, and Self-realization. Get excited for some diverse and powerful sessions about Jainism in the 21st Century. Stay tuned for a speaker line-up.

Service Project

Join us for a vibrant and impactful community service project where we will work to service those less fortunate than us. Mingle with your fellow attendees and jam to your favorite music while also exemplifying the Jain value of Seva.


The JAINA 2019 Youth Activities Committee is mixing the creativity of JIA (Jains in Action) and speed of a hackathon to bring you the most fast-paced problem-solving activity in YJA history! You will have two hours to work with your group to design a solution to a problem in our Jain communities. You will be coached and guided by some of the best mentors YJA has to offer. If you think you think you have the guts, the brains, and the drive to create change in your community, this event is the one for YOU! Keep an eye out for the JIA sign-ups coming soon. Sign-ups will be first come, first serve.

*Please note that scheduling and programming is subject to change based of circumstances

Meet our Youth Activites Chairs

Dharmi Shah:

Dharmi Shah is a fourth-year pharmacy student at the University of Illinois at Chicago and originally from Dothan, Alabama. She enjoys being a foodie, practicing yoga, hanging out with her friends, and lounging in various coffee shops. She has been involved with Young Jains of America by serving as a Local Representative for a few years, Director of Events (2016-2017), and as one of the Executive Board Co-Chairs (2017-2018). She is very excited to be part of the 2019 JAINA Convention Board and to organize eventful youth activities and sessions for this Convention!

Puja Savla:

Puja Savla is currently a Biology and Chemistry teacher at El Camino Charter High School. She is an avid LA sports fan. She spends time with family and friends, and enjoys playing board games and taking bike rides down the Pacific Coast. She also spends time relaxing by drawing, painting, and decorating her bullet journal. She is also been vegan for over 5 years and loves trying new vegan restaurants in LA and when travelling. She has been an active part of her local Jain Community as a past pathshala teacher at Jain Center of Southern California (JCSC) and in the National Jain Community as the West Regional Coordinator (2014-2015) and one of the Executive Board Co-Chairs (2015-2016) for the 2016 Young Jains of America (YJA) convention in LA.

Avish Jain:

Avish Jain is a support engineer at Flatiron Health, an oncology healthtech company based in New York, and also runs a web and technology services firm. Originally from the Cleveland area, Avish has been an active member in the Jain community and served as Co-Chair (2016-17) and Director of IT (2015-16) for Young Jains of America (YJA). He is passionate about bringing people together to build community and develop strategies to create meaningful change. He is a big foodie and loves to spend his time traveling, playing the violin, and cheering on his favorite sports teams (especially Ohio State, from where he is a dual-degree alum).

Meet our Youth Activites Planning Committees

Ankith Desai

Bansari Shah

Dhvani Kakabalia

Jaina Doshi

Kush Shah

Rishi Zhaveri

Sanjana Jain

Shreya Udani

More information on daytime sessions and nighttime events to come soon!

Please reach out to youth@jaina.org if you have any questions.

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