Jaina Convention Testimonials

Hello Everyone…

Hope you all got some good rest after the hectic and long days! I feel we all accomplished and brought the vision to life.

First let me thank Jyoti for reaching out to me on the opportunity and introducing me to the team; Then Rupal being our champion in the ground; Showing the venue, Getting the details on structure from Billy and answering patiently for any questions we have through out the event completion to our return. Thanks to Bhavana ji on the guidance of colors, flowers, setup areas and so on… Of course the visit by Sangita, Jyoti & Bhavana ji to our warehouse and going thru the inventory and confirming on the setup helped me to prepare, plan and co-ordinate better to execute well. Thanks for the trust & Confidence shown on me in this journey; It’s worth of experience and helps me to take up bigger and challenging events.

Btw, I did want to bring up few details to your notice prior to conclude and say “adios”.

Grand Entry Planned for 8′ H x 20′ W with drapes and flowers; Which we we have to resize to 11′ H x 18′ W ; Eliminated Drapes and added garlands; Which I feel it’s Contemporary w/ touch of traditional or East meets West πŸ˜‰

Gazebo w/ Floral Hangings Planned for 8′ H x 15′ W x 20′ L on a truss; Which we had to switch to Pipe & Drape with 10′ H x 20′ W x 24′ L; Good job by our team in building safe structure even though we have more than 20K+ passages underneath it.

Marquee / Lighted Letters I quoted for 2inch thick 4ft high styro foam but Ramesh made me to upgrade them to Lighted letters that we rented from vendor; Even though that costed me more than my quote but the upgrade is right decision upon seeing the interaction by guests.

Photo Backdrops Our plan seem to be successful; Areas we chose also didn’t cause any traffic jam’s.

Garba Thanks to Rupal & her friend in executing the plan along with our team member.

Horse Chariots Even though our team planned well for this; I had my own doubts on how that will turnout; But good job by the team in mounting horses and kudos to Jyoti, Bhavana ji, Sangita and all volunteers who helped to put up the dΓ©cor

Side Wall Draping Even though we are delayed on the plan; Executed well by all volunteers and they definitely brought festive look to the event

Signage and Boxes All compliments goes to Rupal & Jyoti for their creativity and efforts put in; Our contribution got limited to none compared to the efforts put in by them.

Ornate wall at Temple Entry Even though it’s unplanned but turned out great to use as another photo backdrop by guests.

Of course, Last but not the least we thank Bindesh ji for checking with us through out the event on our needs and how we are doing. Inviting us timely for Lunch, Dinner, etc…

Overall, As a collective we all got successful in producing dΓ©cor for many to make life long memories

Btw, In this due process we had to use additional inventory than committed in quote; To mention a few… we used 18 uprights, 17 cross bars, 8 rubber weights, Drapes, several Garlands, Faux flowers and more… so our humble request to decoration committee is to consider additional amount to our final payment (Due $6250 as of 06/17/23) cover our expenses is greatly appreciated.


Decoration vendor